Hi my friends,

As we’re all well aware, the ongoing coronavirus/covid-19 crisis is having a devastating impact on any number of industries…and among those are professional musicians, whose livelihood depends on audiences gathering to share music in settings such as concerts, music camps, dances, etc.

What would have been a typically busy tour schedule for me in 2020, allowing me to continue making a living from my work as I’ve done since 1987, disappeared in a matter of days this spring as the crisis escalated, and may well be completely gone until sometime next year.

This Donate button is a way you can help me stay afloat during this time of uncertainty. If my music has brought you joy or beauty or comfort over the last three decades, your support now will enable me to keep going. I have a brand new solo guitar CD in the final stages of production that I hope to bring out this summer, and I’m grateful to be maintaining a regular online teaching schedule, but without the income from touring I’m going to need a bit of help while this thing plays out.

Anything you’re able to contribute will be hugely appreciated. You can make a one-time donation through this link, or you can join as a regular patron on my Patreon page at www.patreon.com/robinbullock (and get exclusive access to various patrons-only goodies that I post there from time to time!).

And as always, my recordings are available at www.robinbullock.com/store/, and I’m available for private online guitar and mandolin instruction via Skype or Zoom: www.robinbullock.com/skype-lessons/.

Thank you so much for all of your support during these unprecedented and challenging times. We’ll make it through this together, and we’ll build a better world. Be well and stay safe.

All the best,


(P.S. If you’re looking for the Christian minister Robin D. Bullock, his website is robindbullock.com with a middle initial D. He and I have no connection and I do not share either his religious beliefs or his political positions. Thanks!)