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Sing Out! Magazine, Winter 2007/2008

I need to take a personal slant to write this review most effectively: forgive me.

On a dark September morning, after the worst summer in Irish history, I was driving a tree-covered country road. We were all light-deprived and sodden from months of rain. The world was aginst me on this particular day as I sped along avoiding the potholes and unseen cars pulling out of over-grown gateways. My heart was racing, and I was heavy with negativity. With one hand I drove, while with the other I put this album into the CD player. It was a preoccupied mind which hadn't allowed the thought to occur to me before, and I was now nearing my dreaded destination.

The music began. The dappled light started to find its way throught the overhead mass of greenery, and the sun came out for the first time in a long time: deliciously bright and encouragingly cheery. And all my world fell to rights. As I arrived at my stopping point I remained in the car to listen to just another track, and another ... I cannot now for the life of me remember why I felt so low on that morning.

This is a gentle, unassuming, and very beautiful record, full of music of the same character. There is an intimacy to it that is so rarely captured. It is sunny mornings as the sun whispers to you personally of all that is radiant and late winter nights by the fire of warmth and comfort. It is as eloquent as the poets Yeats and Kavanagh who find themselves in association and as welcomingly lonely as the castle that figures in the artwork. I will be passing this on to all the other souls in my life who need a little reflection-aid, a private pick-me-up that will again allow their hearts to smile, if even for a short while.


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