The Lightning Field

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Robin & Steve


Order #ACCD-2001

Robin Bullock - 6 String Guitar, 12 String Guitar, Cittern, Mandolin, Piano, Bass

Liz Knowles - Fiddle

1.  SEAN IN THE MIST/THE TRIP TO SWANNANOA - The title of the second reel refers to the Swannanoa Gathering, a magical music and dance camp in Asheville, North Carolina ( Robin - Guitar, two citterns, mandolin, bass      Liz - fiddle )

 2.  THE LIGHTNING FIELD   - Titled in honor of a creation by artist Walter De Maria. The Lightning Field is an enormous grid, one mile by one kilometer, of 400 ten-meter high steel poles erected in the New Mexico desert for the sole purpose of attracting lightning in beautiful patterns across the sky. (Robin - Guitar, two citterns, mandolin, bass      Liz - fiddle

3.  THE BANSHEE/ICE ON THE ROAD/RAKISH PADDY - Three traditional reels, Irish on either end, American (as far as I know!) in the middle. ( Robin - two guitars)

4.  THE SECRET WATERFALL - Somewhere in the mountains of western North Carolina (Robin - Solo Guitar)

5.  REDWOOD JIG  - Composed while on tour in northern California, inspired by the beauty of the landscape and the friendliness of the people. The piano sounds at the beginning are meant to imitate the sound of wind through the top branches of a redwood forest. (Robin - Piano, 12-string guitar)

6.  THE FLOWING TIDE  - Irish hornpipe, rendered in Hawaiian slack-key guitar style. Why not ...(Robin - Solo Guitar)

7.  THE RETURN TO PARIS  - Sadness and hope combined. (Robin - Cittern, guitar, bass)

8.  BANISH MISFORTUNE  - Popular Irish jig shifted into 7/8 meter, with an improvisational section in the middle. Apologies to the purists. (Robin - Guitar, cittern)

9.  THE BOTTOM OF THE PUNCHBOWL/JOHN RYAN'S POLKA/THE PEACOCK'S FEATHER  - Another set of traditional favorites, the first Scottish, and the other two Irish ( Robin - Two guitars, cittern, mandolin)

10.  CHARLES O'CONOR - Jig composed by the legendary Irish harper/composer Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) (Robin - Two 12-string guitars)

11.  JODI's WALTZ - Pour mon amour (Robin - Two mandolins, guitar, piano)

12.  MY LOVE IS LIKE A RED, RED ROSE  - The air to Scottish national poet Robert Burns' most famous love song. C'est aussi pour mon amour. (Robin - Solo Guitar)  







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