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The traditional Irish music scene, like traditional music scenes everywhere I suppose, is a complete universe and a very small village at the same time.   The music is literally all over the world now, yet everybody involved in it seems to know everybody else, if not directly then by only a few degrees of separation.   There'd be nothing surprising, for example, in an American guitarist meeting a French flutist in an Irish pub in Paris and discovering a natural chemistry...which is exactly what happened in 2000 at Connolly's Corner on the Left Bank, the night I met Michel Sikiotakis.   As soon as I heard him play, I realized that here was one of the genre's finest flute and whistle players.   . . .
Robin Bullock


1   The Irish Girl    2:45
2   Collier’s        3:31
3   Kitty Magennis        5:22
4   Paddy Taylor’s Jigs        2:50
5   Galway Bay        4:16
6   The Rocky Road to Dublin        3:38
7   An Cailín Rua        5:07
8   The Flight of the Eaglets        3:47
9   The Frost is All Over        4:36
10 Lane to the Glen        3:12
11 La Valse des Niglos       2:23
12 The Whistling Postman        3:20
13 O’Carolan’s Welcome         4:57
14 Charles Quinn’s        6:30

"Four stars - Highly recommended" - All Music Guide

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