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What the Critics Say

Baltimore City Paper: "Celtic guitar god."

Guitar Player: "Breathtaking...brilliant technique, always in service of the music."

Sing Out!: "Uncanny ability to combine precision, virtuosity and soul...his reputation as one of the best folk instrumentalists in the business is well-deserved."

Dirty Linen, The Magazine of Folk and World Music: "A rare combination of technical virtuosity and emotional nuance...Robin Bullock has a deep appreciation of the power of music to touch people's hearts, and the skills to make that happen when he plays."

Classical Guitar (U.K.): "A musician whose technical skill and stylistic expertise are second to none...a time-served folkie of the highest calibre."

Trad Magazine (France): "Dazzling spirit...what he offers is not just virtuosity for the sake of virtuosity, but also the sensibility of one on a quest between past and
present, traditional and modern."

Washington Post: "Although he's got technique to spare, what stands out isn't Bullock's virtuosity, it's the musicality he displays."

Boston Irish Reporter: "Bullock packs an impressive amount of skill, variety, and emotion into his music."

Acoustic Musician: "A phenomenal musician...In his mind music is a liquid thing unbound by conventional concepts of the guitar."

Folk Roots (U.K.): "Celtic flatpicking hero."

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